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Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers Melbourne

We love creating new and innovative products. We coat nuts, confectionery, fruit, ‘super foods’, (and any other tasty ingredient that takes our fancy) using the finest high quality chocolate.

Our aim is to give you unique, exotic and exciting combinations for a real taste bud sensation.

Chocolate Grove Online Shop

Chocolate Shop Melbourne

Rocky Road with milk chocolateChocolate Grove is one of Melbourne’s best chocolate shops, in operation since 1987 – the Muddyman family took over the ailing business in 2002. At the time there was a huge amount of redundant stock and the company required a complete overhaul to get it back on to its feet.

New products needed to be developed and urgently presented to customers. The chocolate macadamia range was expanded from three to eight lines and new innovative products were launched. This included the now famous “Raspberry Riots” (raspberry jellies coated in milk chocolate).

Situated at the gateway to the stunning Mornington Peninsula, Chocolate Grove is housed in a purpose built facility. We have made extensive improvements and modifications to our chocolate factory. We now roast our own macadamias and new tempering, nut depositing and decoration equipment has been installed, panning capacity has doubled, and high speed cooking technology employed. We can bunch, pack and wrap product – in a single shift we can produce:

• 1.6 tonne of finished enrobed and decorated,
• 2.0 tonne of panned and polished chocolate coated or
• 0.5 tonne of moulded product.

These attributes enable us to offer a complete service – from base manufactured product to fully packed product ready for market.
It has also allowed us to become a leading contract chocolate manufacturer, supplying major gourmet retail customers.

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