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    We are constantly making improvements and modifications to our plant facilities.

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Our chocolate recipe

We developed our own milk chocolate at the renowned food training College – William Angliss in Melbourne. This chocolate has become our main entry vehicle for Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Philippines, the Middle East and later, the U.S markets.

Brand Development

jardine_boxesChocolate Grove purchased Jardine Confectionery in 2006 which gave us a second lower priced brand of boxed chocolate macadamias to offer customers. By 2008 our export sales were increasing rapidly but the global financial crisis in late 2008 saw the end of that cycle. Exports almost disappeared and the overall effect of the GFC was that sales across the board fell by more than 50%. This meant taking on board some cost reduction measures and concentrating on increasing sales within Australia. Our strategy was to increase the product range to over fifty lines and to offer contract manufacturing. We now supply a wide range of industries including the recent addition of health products in chocolate.



Innovation Story

Producing chocolate is only just the start of the journey, as our chocolate is then panned, enrobed, decorated and moulded. These skills are used to create an amazing array of over eighty different product lines and give us the ability to produce large volumes to fulfil our contract manufacturing requirements.

Cocoa_PodOur premium milk chocolate has a creamy sweet taste. It is made from Australian milk powder and sugar, with cocoa beans sourced from Ghana and contains a 36% cocoa mass. It is an “all natural” chocolate.

Our dark chocolate is a premium Belgian style containing 56% cocoa mass. It has a “rich” flavour without the bitterness associated with other dark lines. It is a Belgian-style dark with no milk components, and is also “all natural”.

Our white chocolate is a very creamy and sweet Belgian style white. Its main ingredients are Australian milk and sugar with a low cocoa content.

Our chocolate products contain:
• NO vegetable fat or palm oil.
• Many are gluten free. We are the only Australian company with Coeliac Association accreditation.
• Our dark chocolate chocolate is dairy free.



We are constantly investigating and trialling new
potential and original products which will capture
our customers’ imagination.

One of our latest creations is CRAMS
– Salt & vinegar potato crisps coated
in milk chocolate.