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Chocolate Factory Melbourne

Come on down to our Melbourne Chocolate Factory and tantalise your tastebuds!

Chocolate Grove History Centre  Chocolate Grove History Centre  Choc_Super_Pizza  Chocolate Grove chocolate factory Carrum Downs

Just minutes from the Mornington Peninsula freeway off Frankston Dandenong Road our Shop, Chocolate Factory & brand new History Centre are now open. You will be amazed by the selection of products we have on offer. We specialise in coating nuts, confectionery, fruit, ‘super foods’, (and any other tasty ingredient that takes our fancy) using the finest quality chocolate. We also create inventive gift sets (linked to the seasonal calendar) which you will only find at our Chocolate Factory and Shop.

You will also find some great discount offers where we have over produced on some orders. Here is a small selection of what’s on offer. Come and visit our chocolate factory today and experience our full range of products.

CG_Coated_Product  Fruit and Nut chocolate bars  Boxed chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts

Nut Jars  Chocolate Easter Eggs  Chocolate Pizza range

Chocolate Grove’s Living History Centre

The Living History Centre presents Australia’s Chocolate and Confectionery “ICONS” through what was some spectacular packaging, incredible graphic design, and wonderful products. Very few of the household names have survived.

But who can forget the Violet Crumble Bar, Polly Waffle, Cherry Ripe, Freddo Frog, Minties, Fantales, Throaties, Jaffas and Fruit Tingles, to name but a few. The inspiration for the establishment of our ”Living History Centre” on Australian Chocolate and Confectionery was the father of the Australian industry – MacPherson Robertson.

Some years ago, when my wife and I used to lecture on chocolate, the doyens of the industry would often share their fascinating stories, when we displayed packaging developed by MacRobertson, Hoadleys, Allens, Darrell Lea, and Ernest Hiller amongst others. We now have the basis of a “history centre” with some brilliant packaging, advertising material and photos.

A number of articles have been written and these have been used to provide a potted picture of some companies.There are gaps though! We have yet to talk to Cadbury and Nestle, who took over many of these companies. We want this to be a living growing centre that captures more history from the public – in written, verbal, and physical form.

CG_Tins  Traditional Mac Robertson chocolate bars
Small's chocolate bars  Toffee bars

We are passionate about this project and want future generations to benefit from its survival. Our chocolate and confectionery forefathers had a grand tradition of making some amazing products with beautiful packaging and advertising. They also were significant contributors to our country – this is a story that deserves to be told.


Shop, Living History Centre & Chocolate Factory Opening Times

Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.00pm
Noon to 4.00pm

Tel: 03 9775 1888